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POSITION OVERVIEW – The Property Manager in charge will be overall responsible to set up the management system and deploy the operation during pre-opening to prepare the building to receive the first tenants – The Property Manager will be supported on a day to day basis by the Headquarter and the HPM -HD. Then The Property Manager in charge will be overall responsible for the day to day operations of the project supporting, directing and planning towards a successful and efficient management, services provided to the projects.


PRE-OPENING MANAGEMENT PHASE (if any, with master plan)

Action to be executed to set up a building organization in consideration of the size, the level of complexity and the grade of the Property as well as the marketing target:
Setting up the Communication chart between Owner and Management team on-site.
Setting up the Communication chart between Management team on-site and tenants.
Setting up the Communication chart between Management team and sub-contractors / services suppliers.
Setting up the Communication chart between Management team and day-to-day operational staff on -site.
Setting up organizational chart and job descriptions for all the staff under governance of the Management team.
Preparation of the PRE-OPENING BUDGET – including Initial Operation Investment – additional Capital Investment if necessary – soft and grand opening ceremony cost –management office fitting out –tools and material to start - progressive HR needs, building signage need etc…
Preparation of the first year PROFIT & LOSS budget - forecast all expenses associated to operation –forecast all revenue possible. The property management budget technique is essential. It is the road map for good building governance because it institutes the mgt action plan. It is also the financial guideline/ frame to be respected.
Evaluation of the service charge – the additional tenants charge and the apportionment technique.
Setting up of the internal regulations for the office tenants i.

Setting up of the internal regulations for the retail tenants i.e.

Reviewing of the Owner’s LEASE AGREEMENT and the checking of any discordance with office and retail tenants hand book as well as with fitting out guidance
Progressive recruitment process for all on site operational staff (inclusive and not exhaustive of administration staff, accountancy and financial staff, engineers, landscaper, guards, parking attendants, front office attendants, cleaners, etc…) – top to bottom and in progression with the building construction finishing, taking account of the training needs and the general preparation before grand opening.
Preparation of the management reports including Profit and loss statement –tenancy report –operation report –establishment of the periodicity.
Selection, instruction and monitoring of external contractors based on an analysis versus budget to do it in-house or to outsource it comprising:
Preparation of the Manager’s Standard Operating Procedures (to be followed by manager & staff)
Setting up the management office, this must be done as soon as possible and when facilities are usable – calculating the size of the office and the communication system necessary.
Preparing the soft and grand opening ceremony – who to invite – the press coverage – conference – spectacle – decoration.
Setting up and/or maintain building insurance – review the country regulation – the delegation to serious insurance company - the obligation to set up tenders under lawyers screening process. Review and recommendation of insurance, including:
Extent of coverage
Types of insurance required -Provision for special risks
General risk management
Setting up of Cleaning and housekeeping procedures
Setting up of Security procedures
Setting up of Repairs and maintenance procedures
Setting up of Communication system and procedures
Setting up of Front desk activities and procedures (if this activity to under Building management supervision)
Setting up of Sourcing and Purchasing activities and procedures
Setting up of Accountancy activities and procedures

Ensuring that the projects are managed and conducted in a proper and business like manner.
Ensuring to bring all operational support and relevant information to the commercial agent in charge for all vacant parts of the projects.
Re-negotiating with existing tenants for the exercise of options in, and renewal of, leases and to conduct rent renew negotiation.
Hiring, training all necessary staff and ensuring the properties are satisfactorily maintained and cleaned.
Interacting with effective communication with all Department Heads, colleagues, and other business associates.
Implementing policies and procedures under the guidance of Savills Property Management department.
Ensuring all service requests/ needs tenants, employees and management are attended and responded in a timely manner.
Planning and implementing and administering the property management program.
Conducting weekly operations meeting and submit of meeting minute to Savills Head Office for follow-up and actions where necessary.
Preparing and submitting yearly Profit and loss budget.
Conducting weekly/ monthly inspection of the projects to ensure that they compliance with the relevant fire and safety laws.
Representing the owner in all matters and dealing with the authority or any other person whomsoever in any way touching and concerning the general management.
Dealing with suppliers and ensuring that services/ products are performed in a professional and timely manner.
Implementing and up-dating new procedure when needed.
Ensuring that all monthly/ quarterly/ yearly financial and management reports are prepared and submitted on time.
Ensuring that all tenants observe and perform their obligations as stated in the leases.
Ensuring that proper supervision of maintenance of all common services including the air-conditioning system, fire equipment, swimming pool, electricity generators, security system and all other common services relating to the all projects.
Ensuring that at all times all electrical and pluming or other equipment in the properties (including all lifts, air-conditioning, fire alarm and sprinkler systems) are functioning effectively.
Taking necessary steps to prevent obstruction of any of the common parts of each building and the loading and unloading bay (if any) or of the access/ drive way or parking spaces.
Ensuring that proper inventory of all hand over possession of the premises to all tenants and preparing a list of all fixture and fittings located on the premises before handing over the possession of the premises to the all tenants.
Ensuring at all times the proper performances by external contractors for all maintenance contracts with regards to equipment installation, services and repairs in the premises.
Recording and attending to all tenants’ complaints, promptly and efficiently.
Maintaining record of insurances and attending to claims.
Preparing and submitting a monthly financial statements and a written report of each quarter which will include
A cash flow summary
Profit and loss summary
Leasing report
Ensuring that the terms and conditions of the lease are in force time to time, to charge to each tenant the correct proportion of any charges, outgoings or due debts and keep proper records of those charges, which record are to be opened for inspection by the owner.
Preparing and submitting to the owner on or before 1 November of each year, a proposed budget of income and expenditure for the following calendar year, that budget to include…
A break down of income
Profit and loss summary for the 12 months period.
Performing any other duties that are assigned by the HPM-HD.

Yêu cầu công việc


§ Strong understanding of operational duties in property management. Deep experiences in hotel and building management are advanced;

§ Business management;

Communication skills

§ Strong interpersonal, negotiation and communication skills, for liaising with colleagues, customers and other stakeholders;

PC skills

§ The ability to work with IT resources such as databases and spreadsheets, for the collection and management of information


§ At least 5 years experience in related field


§ Proficient English (both speaking and writing)

Key characteristics

§ Excellent communication, interpersonal and writing skills;

§ Driven, competence, flexibility and a willingness to learn;

§ Excellent organizational and time management skills with the ability to multi-task;

§ Literacy, for writing reports and presentations;

§ Ability to work effectively under pressure.

§ Creativity, imagination and the ability to use initiative;

§ Good teamwork, analytical and problem-solving skills;

§ Business-related awareness and a good knowledge of current affairs.

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Savills là nhà cung cấp dịch vụ quản lý BĐS hàng đầu tại Châu Á – Thái Bình Dương với hơn 65 triệu m2 diện tích thương mại, nhà ở cao cấp, trung tâm mua sắm và diện tích công nghiệp khác. Tại Việt Nam, Savills quản lý hơn 50 dự án bất động sản và đang tăng lên trong năm 2017.

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Địa điểm Tầng 6, tòa nhà Sentinel 41A Lý Thái Tổ , Quận Hoàn Kiếm , Hà Nội, Việt Nam, Hà Nội

Quy mô công ty Trên 500 Nhân Sự